Opening the Space for Our Truth to Reside

When perceived obstacles appear in our lives, they often bring with them fears and anxieties. We know these fears and anxieties don’t serve us well, however, they can often creep in and take hold of us, separating us from our truth.

So here is a little meditation I use to just ground myself or for when I can feel myself being swept up by fear and anxiety, especially those times in the middle of the night when thoughts have a tendency to come alive: Continue reading “Opening the Space for Our Truth to Reside”

Liberation Through Forgiveness

Forgiveness is something that many of us find unpalatable. The mere thought of it can make us withdraw instantly; make our blood curdle with anger or our tummies twist and sicken with the recall of the pain and memories linked to the event or person we feel did us wrong. Continue reading “Liberation Through Forgiveness”

Subscribing to our Authentic-Self

Recently I have been having so many conversations with people surrounding the difficulty we experience when sitting in our true and authentic-self; that a great deal of the time we feel like frauds, that we aren’t good enough. But during a particular conversation with a friend the other day, long after the conversation had ended it continued to linger with me, drawing me into deep introspection as to why I have struggled to sit comfortably with my authentic-self, why I have struggled to feel as though I am good enough. Continue reading “Subscribing to our Authentic-Self”

Choice and Consequence

We are free to choose, but we are not free from the consequences and circumstances that unfold as a result of our choices. This concept seems easy to grasp, but how many of us truly embody it? I know it is certainly something I have had difficulty with and its embodiment is something I have had to work at and continue to work hard at. Continue reading “Choice and Consequence”

Acceptance of Impermanence

Chronic illness has been my biggest teacher of impermanence. Especially those days spent in bed, dozing in and out of sleep, with only my thoughts and the sound of my breath to keep me company. Each day would arrive with the sun reaching through the cracks of the curtains, the shadows shifting across the room, indicating the passing of the day, until the day finally dissolved with the setting of sun. On those days, as the room darkened and sleep beckoned again, with a deep sigh, I would quietly say to myself “this day is done; I don’t have to do that one again”. Continue reading “Acceptance of Impermanence”

Embarking on the meaning of our own life…

This is a wonderful podcast where Social Researcher and Kindness Advocate, Hugh Mackay, discusses that we should abandon the search for the “Meaning of Life”, and rather, embark on the “meaning” of our own life.

Continue reading “Embarking on the meaning of our own life…”