Clearing Away Our Patterns

Each of us co-creates our life experience and sometimes a pattern that exists within ourselves and another is triggered and explodes within each of us. Any pain or hurt that sits within this pattern is expressed at each other through jealousy, anger, spite, blame – a myriad of ways. If neither is willing to take responsibility for what spews from them any peace that visits is usually only momentary. And the peace perhaps only visits because one is fearful of it continuing in the state that it is or because one softens enough for their anger to subside and for them to feel responsible for rescuing the other that sits in a more wounded state. They become a doormat and collapse into surrogating the emotional sufferings or manipulations of the other, with the belief that their self-sacrifice is about their compassion for the other. And this pattern plays out over and over again. Continue reading “Clearing Away Our Patterns”