Detaching Our Stories From Our Emotions

We all attach ourselves to stories; mostly it is how we connect ourselves and others to the understanding of who we are and why we think and feel the way we do.  But it can be the stories that we tell ourselves and others that can lure us into the circle of drama and conflict and it is the stories that can quickly sever us from our heart centre; our connection to ourselves and others. And with this detachment every new statement involved in the stories or conversation we have with ourselves or others whips us up within its powerful forces until we find ourselves spinning with the debris of all the thoughts thought, the words spoken, and even the anticipated ones, that can see us acting out our emotions intensely. Continue reading “Detaching Our Stories From Our Emotions”

Resignation to Surrender

Every year at this time I marvel in the way change sweeps across the landscape in such a bold and evident way, as though it commands you to be present to its show. The other day, while sitting in the grass with my beautiful boys, we watched the turning leaves whip around with the wind and I was reminded of my childhood. Ever since I was a little girl I have been fascinated by autumn leaves falling from the trees, with their prepared resignation to fall away from the security of their branch to the whim of the path below, in complete surrender. Continue reading “Resignation to Surrender”