Bumps in the Road

Why do we have this perception that because we do so much work on ourselves throughout our quest of self-transformation that we think we are immune to having our foundations shaken?  Is it because we have linked the transformation of ourselves to the achievement of happiness and flow and that in the quest to find it, we have denied ourselves the acceptance of our stumbles and devalued the remaining gamut of feelings available to us to be able to deal with and manage the challenges that come during self-transformation? Continue reading “Bumps in the Road”

Opening the Space for Our Truth to Reside

When perceived obstacles appear in our lives, they often bring with them fears and anxieties. We know these fears and anxieties don’t serve us well, however, they can often creep in and take hold of us, separating us from our truth.

So here is a little meditation I use to just ground myself or for when I can feel myself being swept up by fear and anxiety, especially those times in the middle of the night when thoughts have a tendency to come alive: Continue reading “Opening the Space for Our Truth to Reside”

Liberation Through Forgiveness

Forgiveness is something that many of us find unpalatable. The mere thought of it can make us withdraw instantly; make our blood curdle with anger or our tummies twist and sicken with the recall of the pain and memories linked to the event or person we feel did us wrong. Continue reading “Liberation Through Forgiveness”